Permanent Makeup


Eyebrow tattoos are the rage these days with more of us than ever before deciding we want clear of the trouble that taking care of our eyebrows entails. Then again, before you even choose to undergo this process, it is best that you have a very clear idea of how it is carried out and figure out if it’s what you truly want. – permanent makeup

The procedure is also named intredermal micropigmentation that make use of dyes and inks used in regular tattoos. The artist places fine needles in the gun and does the implantation of eyebrow color by using the vibrating needle.

Semi-permanent tattoos only embed colors at the uppermost layer of skin, whilst permanent passes through to the second layer. Because of sanitary and safety aspects, it’s important to let a seasoned artist perform the procedure.

Men and women have several reasons why they want eyebrow tattoo. Maybe your natural eyebrow is rather little and you want it to look much better. Perhaps you are not happy with the natural color, or perhaps you just want to take away the hassle of making sure you appear wonderful each morning.

Having the process done also is beneficial if you spend lots of time in the swimming pool as your permanent make up will never wash off.

If you are interested in permanent makeup, you must look at certain things before making a move. Firstly, it is pretty pricey when you choose a reputable technician, which you should do. Secondly, sometimes the process does not come out as you hoped even though it’s usually down to choosing an unskilled tattoo artist or insufficient planning on your part.- permanent makeup

Finally, your tattoo color will fade after a while which means you will need to get touch ups done later on.

If you could deal with these possible disadvantages then I think having an eyebrow tattoo done is a great idea. You won’t just conserve time, but you’ll also look and feel wonderful all the time.